Incubator Hire

What you get:

We will hand deliver the following: Rcom incubator

  • Fully automatic incubator
  • Around 15-20 eggs
  • Instructions
  • Heat lamp
  • Brooder
  • Food and feeders

At the end of the hire period of 25 days we will collect all the equipment and chicks.


The all-inclusive price is £235.

For schools further than 20 miles from Bagworth, please contact us for a quotation.


We can visit and candle the eggs after about a week for an additional £49.50. This important process involves shining a bright light into the eggs in order to check that the embryo is forming. The children will be able to see the embryo and the blood vessels. Any infertile eggs are removed from the incubator, since they can go off and the chemicals from them can damage the good fertile eggs.

We use a special candling ovascope that projects an image onto a laptop screen that can be seen by a small group of children at once. We will accommodate as many children as possible in the one hour visit.

If we have candled the eggs and none hatch, then we will repeat the service at a reduced rate of £55 (although this has never happened). This guarantee does not apply if we have not performed the candling ourselves.

A further option is to bring an adult chicken into the class for a "show and tell" session. This is £39.50 if done during the candling visit or £49.50 if done as a separate visit. This can be enjoyed at any time of the year and is something that the children find fascinating.


To cover the possibility of damage, we require a £240 deposit. This is returnable at the end of the hire period, less any cost of damaged or missing equipment.

For simply hatching eggs or point of lay, please see our site at Churchside Poultry

Incubators for Schools, Churchside, Church Hill, Bagworth, Leicestershire.