One of our chickens Incubators For Schools was the work of two Leicestershire mothers who saw the magic and fascination experienced by their own children when they took an incubator to their own school. The incubator and chickens provided a focus for so many activities.

They realised that a school teacher needs more than just a box delivered by courier - they need face to face advice, plenty of support, and an array of equipment to cope easily with the hatched chicks.

  • Fully automatic incubator
  • Hand delivered and set up
  • Around 15 to 20 eggs
  • Instructions
  • Heat lamp
  • Brooder
  • Food
  • Removal of all equipment and chicks at the end of the hire period

An Rcom 20 incubator The incubation and hatching of chicks can be integrated into your curriculum easily and bring it to life in a truly memorable way.


Click on each testimonial from some reception children to see them in detail:

Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

Mark Ingham, Headteacher, Uplands Infant School:

Community Cohesion. And chicks? Really, if you want to engage the community an incubator will do it. We put our incubator in our entrance hall. We were then visited by parents and whole families. We invited our neighbouring junior school in as well. It was a great opportunity to engage with everyone. It was a very heartening experience that is even now a great source of conversation.
Watching a constant stream of children going to visit the chicks has been a delight. To hear their responses and to see their excitement reminded us that we all need to be in touch with nature. For us in an inner city school it was a great opportunity to consider how we might look after the world around us and how special it is.
If you are after measurable spirituality in your school try an incubator. The delight, awe, wonder and amazement at how life springs from an egg was special. Everyone, staff and children have been struck by the beauty of newborn animals and considered how this comes about. Watching them leave was difficult as we had all played our part in their lives.
The whole process of incubation was explained well. We felt very confident to look after the many lives we literally held in our hands. It was so easy to make the curriculum relevant and interesting as we had a superb resource developing and growing in front of us every day.

J Chandler, Foundation Stage Teacher, Cobden Primary School:

"The whole school has benefited from this, everybody learnt from it and everybody was involved. It motivated children in all areas, in particular their writing, counting, knowledge and understanding."

S Keeling, Foundation Stage Teacher, Stanton under Bardon Primary School:

"As a teacher in the Early Years I would thoroughly recommend Incubators For Schools.  To see chicks born in front of their very own eyes opens up children’s ability to ask questions about life cycles, changes, growing and birth.  A great starting point for children to begin to understand where we all come from.  The knowledge, commitment and hands on involvement from Alison and Jayne made this a truly fantastic experience for children and adults alike. 
Thank you."

F Baker, Head, Stanton under Bardon Primary School:

"This has been an exciting and awe-inspiring experience for our children. From seeing the eggs being placed in the incubator to seeing the embryo moving in the egg and then the magic of watching chicks make their way into the world – a complete lesson in development and growth. Support was excellent! Ready links with science, PSHE, maths and literacy – an experience we will repeat and which is highly recommended."

For simply hatching eggs or point of lay, please see our site at Churchside Poultry

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